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Frequently Asked Questions

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Randall Ogle working on one of his spectacular paintings.Q: What inspired Randall Ogle to start painting?
A: He used to watch the portrait artists on the streets of Gatlinburg,Tennessee in the late 1960's.

Q: How long has Randall been painting?
A: He started in the spring of 1969 at age 14 doing portraits.

Q: Has he had any formal training in art?
A: No, He has taught himself and is always seeking to learn more.

Randall Ogle with one of his portrait paintingsQ: What's his favorite thing to paint?
A: That's hard to answer ~ it's like picking a favorite child. There's something about each work of art. He does especially like doing portraits ... it brings back the excitement of his early years.

Q: How much does he charge to paint a portrait?
A: A commissioned portrait is $3,500.00

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